FES Services

FES specializes in design, installation, integration, and maintenance of a variety of electromechanical systems, involving Building Automation, Lighting Control, Energy Management Systems, and Access Control & Surveillance. Projects entail providing and installing direct digital controls through FES’ highly skilled, professional team of control instrumentation technicians, programming technicians, and energy engineers.

Our core focus areas are Integration of facility subsystems such as HVAC, Access, Security / Surveillance, Smoke Control, Lighting, Room Pressurization Systems, Plumbing and Medical Gas. Scroll down to learn more about our services or select a service category below.

Building Automation Systems

We design, install, and service Building Automation Systems through a diverse product offering. Our installations range from control of a single piece of equipment to one of the largest chilled water plant on the east coast.

Electronic Access Control & Surveillance

Although access control and video surveillance systems are often offered as separate systems from a facility’s building automation system. FES can provide an integrated solution.

Lighting Control

Around 40 percent of energy use in commercial buildings is from lighting.

FES can deliver a number of solutions to help you reduce your building’s lighting energy consumption whether it be through a turn key solution from one of our product partners or through integration of your existing system.

Energy Management Services

The average building consumes 20% more energy than necessary.

FES can look for problems, identify opportunities, and improve your building and business performance. We have a proven process and will work with your team to meet your business objectives.

FES provides energy audits, analysis, proposed conservation measures, and utility rebates.

System Integration

Integration of 3rd party, open and legacy systems into a single operator interface. Multiple vendor BACnet field controllers, Modbus equipment, and legacy proprietary system integration into a single seated control system.

HVAC Mechanical Services

Installation, repair, emergency, and scheduled maintenance services for Mechanical equipment.

Our experience includes but is not limited to boilers, chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, rooftop units, variable air volume terminal units, and all related controls.

Utility Infrastructure

Instrumentation and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for systems such as potable water distribution, waste water treatment, specialized gas distribution, hazardous substance monitoring, cogeneration, and fuel oil storage/transfer/polishing.

More Services

If you did not find it here, it doesn’t mean we will not be able to help. FES is committed to working on the most complex automation project challenges.

Facility Engineering Services established a facility in Bedford, WY with the dual objectives of offering the ideal environment for manufacturers to showcase product lines while offering participants a “customized setting” to enjoy highly unique outdoor experiences. Hiking to lakes and ridge tops, mountain biking, cross country skiing, ATV trail riding, skeet shooting, archery, water rafting, fishing or simply viewing the beautiful landscape from the deck are available to guests “on their own.” The lodge supplies equipment, advice from local experts and transportation at no additional expense. Cutting edge product orientation and unstructured adventure provide a truly special experience!